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About Us

The year 2009 marked the dawn of Saicorian Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and the next generation industrial solutions. With the best of prefabricated structures, we at Saicorian Prefabs work towards providing comfortable, clean, affordable and environmentally friendly living solutions to everyone.

At Saicorian Prefabs we encourage humans to take a 360 degree turn from concrete and mortar and embrace eco-friendly living spaces. The onslaught on nature, rising costs of building materials and time constraints – all of this makes prefabricated industrial sheds/homes an obvious solution. Our solutions are therefore smart, green, quick, cost-effective while maintaining aesthetics and connection to the outdoors.

With prefab-solutions for commercial structures and private homes, we have over the years extended our market across India, Africa, Mauritius, and more. Modern homes and structures for modern people. At Saicorian Prefabs we will make sure that a green lifestyle is no longer the privilege of a selected handful.

Exclusive next door service, quality raw materials, genuine pricing, scheduled operations and clients satisfactions has always been an integral part of our growth policy making our self the most reliable source to our clients round the clock.  We are also deeply focused in introducing and implementing latest fast track building technologies, thus creating a niche market for the same, wherein we visualize a long term mutual growth and development.